Pharma Branding

Healthcare product brand naming is a creative and logistical challenge for any number of industry-specific reasons.

Unlike for most other product categories, prospective healthcare and, particularly, pharmaceutical products, and their potential brand names, are required to undergo extensive (and expensive) testing to ascertain safety, above all, as well as other appropriateness checking prior to submission to regulatory authorities for approval.

At Purple Fire, we have grouped pharmaceutical brand name generation success criteria under 4 general headings, all of which we accommodate within our comprehensive development processes:

Registration – worldwide trademark classes 5 (pharmaceuticals) and 10 (medical devices) are super-crowded. It’s becoming exponentially difficult to successfully file meaningfully distinctive and differentiated names on a global basis.

Regulatory – combined FDA/EMA rejection rates for new product brands are high (40~50%), so it’s imperative that proposed name candidates are approvable and guidance-compliant across multiple regions.

Resonance – new multi-market names should be linguistically and culturally acceptable, at a minimum, and ideally be both appealing and attractive.

Relevance – verbal identities should appropriately reflect product positioning, express the right tonality, meet any architecture requirements, and be memorable and sustainably future-proof.

Regardless of therapy area, or preferred target name type (descriptive, associative/suggestive, arbitrary), Purple Fire’s clients know that we have all the requisite specialist experience and expertise to help develop exceptional name candidates that deliver high stand-out brand value in increasingly congested marketplaces.

Brand expression

Brand expression is how we create and build your brands. It includes services designed to communicate USPs, brand benefits and personality traits, either verbally and/or visually, as optimally as possible.

Brand cognition

Brand cognition centres around shaping your strategy to ensure it remains relevant and ‘on brand’.  It includes our strategic and market research services which help create a goals-based ‘knowledge platform’ from which to develop and then grow your brand.