The Purple Fire Directors

Three individuals, with well over 60 years of cumulative experience in every aspect of brand development, thought it was time to offer clients a branding agency that truly believes in the value of building strong brands by delivering rich creative, robust research and captivating design.

In order to achieve our vision of providing strong branding initiatives, every project we undertake is overseen in-person by Purple Fire’s senior team.

The Purple Fire team is led by a group of highly experienced, seasoned professionals with a wealth of industry expertise, who have been involved in hundreds of regional and global projects across a wide variety of different sectors.

Our Experts

Lou Trousdale

Director, Brand Services

With more than twenty years’ experience in global brand development, having been at Addison Whitney in the US and at Origin Brand Consultants in the UK, as Vice President, Lou is well versed in all aspects of branding.

He has successfully led a diverse range of cross-sector branding projects across multiple industry sectors regarding corporate and product name development, logo design, brand assessment and strategy.


Tom Fraser

Director, Brand Expression

Previously at Interbrand, in Tokyo, and Landor, Origin Brand Consultants and Brand Institute (as Vice President) in London, Tom has well over twenty years’ experience specialising both in verbal identity project work as well as new business development and account management.

Tom has extensive knowledge of European and US marketplaces and wide-ranging cultural experience and language expertise and has overseen hundreds of naming and brand development projects across multiple industries.

Jamila Sangari

Director, Brand Cognition

Jamila’s marketing and branding career spans over 15 years in Europe and Africa and has worked with specialist brand agencies Addison Whitney and Origin Brand Consultants where she was formerly Director of Market Research. Her role includes project management, linguistic and trademark screening, regulatory/safety issues as well as branding strategy and market research.

Jamila also provides strategic recommendations for brand name selection and devises strategies to meet both market and client brand objectives.